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Filmmaker Mode

As you have heard, the UHDA launched the Filmmaker Mode initiative on August 27, 2019 with incredible response from press, analysts and industry experts alike. This industry-first collaboration included the UHD Alliance, Filmmakers, CE Manufacturers and Hollywood Studios. And, as part of the specification development process for Filmmaker Mode, the UHDA worked with and solicited input from the Directors Guild of America and The Film Foundation.

Within 24 hours of its launch the press release alone has been viewed more than 12,000 times and reached nearly 1.3 million viewers.

The Alliance is extremely excited about this initiative and the reception it has received, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of Hollywood’s most seasoned and respected directors and respected media have been saying. 

Filmmaker Mode Launch Video - VOST
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Why Filmmaker Mode?


Our manufacturers’ Ultra HD TVs have extraordinary technical capabilities and deliver a wide range of viewing options for gaming, sports and cinematic content. Based on input from countless preeminent filmmakers, Filmmaker Mode was collaboratively developed to provide consumers a way to better experience the filmmaker’s vision in the home. Filmmaker Mode enables a more cinematic experience on UHD TV’s by disabling all post-processing (e.g. motion smoothing, etc.) so the movie or television show is displayed as it was intended by the filmmaker, preserving the correct aspect ratios, colors and frame rates.   

Filmmaker Mode – Flexible Implementation and Ease of Use
Filmmaker Mode is easily accessible on TVs from multiple manufacturers without requiring the viewer to sort through multiple menus. Rather, the mode can be accessed by:

  •     A button on the remote; or

  •     Automatic display device switching based on Metadata in the video bitstream

  •     In addition to one of the above methods, manufacturers can implement other user-friendly access methods, such as touch screen, voice control, etc.

Filmmaker Mode – What You Need to Know
Technical Specification Overview
Filmmaker Mode disables all post-processing (e.g. motion smoothing, etc.) preserving the correct aspect ratios, colors and frame rates. Applies to both SDR & HDR content.

Image & Display Parameters

  •     White Point: D65

  •     Maintain source content frame rate & aspect ratio

  •     Motion interpolation: OFF

  •     Overscan: Only if signaled with the image

  •     Sharpening: OFF

  •     TV Noise Reduction: OFF

  •     Other image “enhancement” processing: OFF

What The Press Is Saying







“I’ve now seen the Filmmaker Mode demonstrated up close, watching it instantly adjust an out of the box VIZIO 4K consumer display to line up with a $30K Sony reference monitor used widely by directors to grade their films. It’s stunning how well it works.”  
- Bill Hunt, The Digital Bits



It’s (FMM) designed to take the legwork and confusion out of optimizing TV pictures for watching films and high-end TV shows by applying a host of picture ‘rules’ under a single, easy to find option. All with a view to matching as closely as possible the images created by filmmakers in their mastering studios.







It (FMM) will do a better job of calibrating the color, brightness, and contrast of the screen so it looks more like what the filmmaker sees when they’re creating the movies and shows you watch.



This new "Filmmaker Mode" for supported TV models is aimed at giving viewers a consistent, cinematic representation of images as the filmmakers intended, in terms of color, contrast, aspect ratio and frame rates.



The move towards unifying TV naming conventions is enormously positive. It might not be a silver bullet to make content automatically look amazing on every single TV, but if nothing else, it should make it a little less intimidating to try and configure the biggest screen in your house.

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What Directors Are Saying

Photo Rian Johnson.jpg

“I want to get down on my knees and offer burnt sacrifices of thanks to the TV manufacturers who are in on this, and I hope others will follow their lead and show the world that they love movies.”

Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the soon to be released, Knives Out.

“Through collaboration with TV manufacturers, Filmmaker Mode consolidates input from filmmakers into simple principles for respecting frame rate, aspect ratio, color and contrast and encoding in the actual media so that televisions can read it and can display it appropriately.”

Christopher Nolan, director of Dunkirk, Interstellar and the Dark Knight Trilogy

Photo Christopher Nolan.jpg
Photo Ryan Coogler.jpg

“I care deeply about how cinema is experienced at home because that's where it lives the longest. That's where cinema is watched and re-watched and experienced by families. By allowing the artists in the tent to help consult and give feedback to the electronics companies on Filmmaker Mode, we can collectively help make the consumer’s experience even more like it is in the cinema.”

Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther and Creed

“Filmmaker Mode is a long overdue and welcome innovation.”

Martin Scorsese, Filmmaker and Preservationist

Photo Martin Scorsese.jpg
Photo Patty Jenkins.jpg

“As a filmmaker, I want to see…and think viewers want to see…the creative vision carried through to the home viewer. Filmmaker Mode makes this possible.”

Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman and The Killing

General Updates

As we near the end of 2019, we have numerous activities planned from industry trade shows to more intimate gatherings in Paris & London. If you would like more information on Filmmaker Mode and how to become more involved, please contact Mike Fidler.

October 9–11: Kyoto Face-to-Face Quarterly Meetings.

Click HERE for more information.

BASE Face-to-Face meetings in London

Paris UHD Partners Event

CES 2020

The UHD Alliance will be hosting press, analyst and industry meetings during the week of CES 2020. As in years past, this is a great opportunity for CE manufacturers to display their products and initiatives. For more information contact Heather Gioco.

UHD Alliance – Did You Know?
While the UHDA has had tremendous impact over the last month with the introduction of Filmmaker Mode, we are also working on other core initiatives for the organization. We are always  looking for ways to improve the consumer experience and delivering creative intent. Our member companies have also taken a leadership role in interoperability by providing out-of-box testing of the industry-leading CE devices in an effort to help consumers enjoy a premium video and immersive audio experience from UHD and all connected devices, Smart TV apps and content. We are the only organization working on the front end to conduct tests which identify potential challenges consumers may face in their quest to maximize their entertainment experiences. We have provided consumers with comprehensive information, both visual and textual, on how to get the best of the 4K UHD experience related to HDR. We are continuing our extensive testing on home theater systems with a focus on interop issues related to integrating AV Receivers and Sound Bars into the mix in delivering immersive audio. The interop tests are happening over the next few weeks and we will be providing test results to member companies that are participating along with anonymized results. The summary of those tests will appear in our next newsletter to update all member companies. The UHDA works with other organizations, including DTG, HDMI, CTA and others to both identify potential problems as well as solutions.  

We are also working with retailers to deliver a consistent, core message focused on educating consumers on the four key pillars of UHD – 4K, HDR, Wide Color Gamut and Immersive Audio. The work done to date includes developing content and graphics that support updates to UltraHD 4K websites for Amazon and Target.

We welcome member companies’ expanded participation in our efforts to create more value and more impact for each of our members and to insure that the UHD Alliance is the preeminent source of information regarding UHD developments for the press, consumers and retailers.  



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